Broad City’s Jaime Flips Hollywood Racism, Asks White Actors To ‘Act Whiter’

There’s a helluva lot of work to be done to fix the horrendous institutionalised racism in the film and television industries, and every major change has to start with education, no?
There’s a lot of people of colour trying to do just that, and if you’ve lived a life of privilege, it’s time to sit down and take notes.
Arturo Castro is a Guatemalan actor who you would know better as Broad City‘s Jaime, and he is all too familiar with walking into an audition and being asked to ‘be more Hispanic’, or ‘put on a Mexican accent’. 
He’s sick of it, which is bloody fair enough tbh. So, along with Mic‘s Liz Plank, he decided to flip racial stereotyping on its head to help explain why telling someone to ‘act more Hispanic’ is completely goddamn ridiculous:
Stereotyping is reducing one individual and unique human being down to the colour of their skin and hackneyed stereotypes of their culture. Nothin’ about that is cool. 
via Mic.