For so long, Aussies have been able to jokingly assume the small New South Wales town of Yass was the basis for the cry of excitement that oft escapes from the mouth of the illustrious Ilana Glazer in ‘Broad City‘. 

Broad City’s Abbi & Ilana Just Discovered ‘Straya Has A Town Called ‘Yass’

While the phrase has existed for many moons before the show began, it’s been popularised by the comedian, who uses it so constantly that is has become the warcry of almost every woman in her 20s. 

The town of Yass is NSW was known as Ngunnawal Territory, with a complex network of Aboriginal groups all belonging to the Ngunnawal tribe. From the Yass City Council website, this is the meaning of the area’s name:

“The strong relationship between local indigenous people and the development of the town is reflected in its name, Yass, which is believed derived from an Aboriginal word “Yhar” meaning running water.”


HOWEVER, the Broad City gals are just learning of the town’s existence now. 

They posted this image to Instagram:

#tbtuesday WHERE DIS?? via @new_metropolitan_omen #Yass

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It’s super strange getting a little buzz of Aussie pride seeing ya girls Abbi & Ilana give a shoutout to our beautiful sunburned country (even if we didn’t create the original phrase they love so dearly) (shh, just let us have this, okay). 

Broad City’s Abbi & Ilana Just Discovered ‘Straya Has A Town Called ‘Yass’

Source: Instagram.

Photo: Broad City.