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The one and only Steve Buscemi is making a cameo on ‘Broad City‘ season four and there is *REALLY* only one appropriate reaction to this news.

‘Broad City’ Lands Another Iconic Guest Star For S4 & It’s Steve Buscemi

Steve and his uniquely morose eyes appeared on Broad City’s Instagram / Twitter yesterday, smushed between an über-enthusiastic Ilana and a slightly-less-enthusiastic Abbi.

YUPPPPPP #BTS #BC4 (anyone know Steve Buscemi’s IG handle??) ????????

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Look at that face. It’s a face that says ‘I’m smiling through the pain’, but that’s just his expression. Dude’s chilling with Abbi and Ilana. He’s probably stoked.

Absolutely no details about his role on the show have yet been released, so we’ll probably have to wait a *little* closer to the August 2017 release date to find out. 

But we do already know that he’s not the only iconic guest star ‘Broad City’ has tapped for this season. The show’s also been blessed with the presence of none other than Fran Drescher, a.k.a. the Nanny herself.

ur eyes r not deceiving you !!!!!! ??@officialfrandrescher ????#bts #bc4 #bcs4

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This season cannot come fast enough.

Photo: Broad City / Instagram.