Brittany Just Spilled Wild Timm Tea In A Post-BIP Interview & It Finally All Makes Sense Now

In last night’s ep of Bachelor In Paradise, Timm Hanly and Brittany Hockley left Paradise together in the most chilled way possible, it was as if they simply vanished simultaneously.

Things seemed to be going pretty swell for them and since they left at the same time, one could only assume that they’ve finally found their happily ever after, right?


Ten just dropped Brittany’s spicy exit interview, where she explained what went down on the show.

“You didn’t see me a lot because I was always off-camera somewhere with my head in the sand,” Britt joked to 10 play.

“The fight was in front of everyone and I think you saw me for about three seconds, the look on my face said it all.”

The next morning, Timm decided to leave Paradise and asked Britt if she would join him.

“I didn’t really question leaving with him,” Britt said, “I could see Timm really starting to struggle in that environment. He was going downhill rapidly and it was really doing his head in.

“He was starting to become disappointed with his own behaviour which was really bad, but the fact that he could recognise that was a step in the right direction,” she added.

Timm and Brittany in Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

Britt agreed and left Paradise with him, that’s when it all went downhill.

“I was never going to stay in Paradise without Timm,” Britt said, “Not because I thought he was the be-all and end-all, but I had a connection with him at the start and after a week or two I thought if he left, I wouldn’t start again. It was going to be him or nothing.

“On the show, from day one, he promised me the world. I was his ‘ride or die’, I can’t tell you how many times he said that.”

“He wanted to start something with me on the outside, that I was the best thing to happen to him, all this stuff. I left and he became a different person.

“The second he got outside… he was not the person I had just spent the last month with… He was just a different human and… I was just so disappointed, so exasperated by the whole thing.”

She claims that she “checked in on him a lot” as she’s “big on mental health” and “wanted to make sure he’s okay and I said let’s stay friends and in contact.”

She added, “I never heard from him again. He ghosted me. Blocked me on everything. I just thought this speaks volumes, I’m still trying to look out for you and you can’t even give me the time of day.”

She said that during her time on the show, some of her co-stars urged her to “control her man” or “pull him into line.”

“It’s absolutely not my job,” she said, adding, “It left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. In what world are we living in that I need to ‘control’ a 28-year-old man?

“I think it’s ridiculous because I’ve known him for a few weeks, he’s an adult man and I don’t need to be telling him how to live his life, and there were definitely words Timm and I had in private where I said you can’t behave like that,” she added. “I told him how disappointed I was in the things he was doing and saying and he knew that.”

Despite this, she looks back at her time on the show fondly and has managed to find the humour in the situation.

“The way I handle anything is with humour, any sort of heartbreak, confrontation, or anything like that – I just start laughing and try to look at the funny side of it, which I think helps.”

She concluded, “I’m am still single… perpetually single, if anyone wants to slide into the DMs,” she added, “I don’t know what it is. I’ve been single now for eight-nine years or something, and not for a lack of trying.

“I love love, I love relationships, I’m a romantic! I have a podcast based on love and relationships, but I can’t seem to find it for myself.

“I guess my problem is I’m so fine on my own and I don’t want to settle for anyone,” Britt said. “I think a lot of people jump into relationships because they just don’t want to be on their own, and it’s the wrong relationship, whereas I’d rather just cruise along on my own until the right person comes along. They just haven’t yet.

“I don’t know where they are. They’re lost, somewhere. ”

We were first clued in to the fact that shit hit the fan for these two post-Paradise when spicy pap pics were recently released, showing Timm smooching his ex-girlfriend of seven years, Briana De La Motte.

According to So Dramatic! podcast, the pair called it quits a few weeks after they left Paradise together and Timm immediately got back with his ex.

“Timm and Brittany are not together [anymore],” podcast host Megan Pustetto claimed, citing unnamed Bachie sources. “They left Paradise together, but Timm ended things with her a few weeks after that, and she was devastated.”

She added: “This week, Timm was spotted with a mystery brunette. She’s his ex-girlfriend who personally confirmed to me after The Bachelorette last year that her and Timm dated for five years and had been on/off for the last two years.

“Timm told Briana just before Angie’s [Kent] season that he was going on the show and she wasn’t happy because they weren’t over yet.”

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight at 7:30 on Ten.