Brittany Hockley Clarifies Why Police Were Called After Documenting Her Flight Drama On IG

Brittany Hockley had one helluva bumpy international flight recently, and I’m not talking about the turbulence. The Bachelor Australia star took to Instagram to document the drama that involved copping a $1000 fee for an extra bag.

Who magazine reports that Brittany was en route to the UK to watch tennis player boyfriend Jordan Thompson play at Wimbledon.

“So because I’m working overseas I had to take an extra bag for equipment. So a total of two bags,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“I tried to book the extra bag online but the website wouldn’t let me, so I called up and they also wouldn’t let me, said it had to be done back at the desk.”

She also says the person on the other end of the phone was cagey about how much it would cost for the extra bag.

Upon arriving at the airport, she says she was charged an extra $1000 for one bag (!!!) “on an empty flight”, mind you, and they wouldn’t even let her have an upgrade, blaming it on the food sitch.

She later clarified that there were “a few people” in the first class and other cabins, and she understands that they “need to make money” but she called them out for not having the capacity on their website or over the phone to allow her to book ahead of time and suss out the price.

After the Instagram Stories were later shared by the So Dramatic! podcast, Brittany Hockley shared the following comment, “Guys. This is honestly ridiculous. The fabricated stories that are coming out of this are insane.

“The only thing I think is crazy is paying $1k for one bag. Tell me ONE person, besides maybe Kylie Jenner, that doesn’t think that $1k is a lot for one bag!? I’ve flown to over 50 countries and have never experienced this before. Also people saying I should just be grateful, I AM. VERY. I also don’t think people realise I’m not ‘travelling’ as Such, I’m in a bubble. That means 90% of the time I don’t leave the hotel or tennis court. Not allowed. I also think it’s important people know that.”

She added, “Complaining about the cost of a bag doesn’t not mean I don’t feel grateful because I do and I’ve said that many times before. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think that $1k is a lot for a bag!? I would have thought the same thing two years ago, I think it now, I’ll think it in another two years.

“It’s a sad day when this has been spun into something it’s not. Let’s get back to the real news hey.”

Brittany Hockley also slammed reports that the police were called to handle the incident, saying that it’s “obviously utterly ridiculous.”

The police had been called, but “ON MY BEHALF because a pap was there taking pics inside the airport when they weren’t allowed. They were there to help me, not because of me.”

To Brittany’s credit, there defs were Daily Mail paps following her because the pics were published online. See for yourself here.

She added, “And this is what is making me cranky because the story is ridiculous.”

As folks criticised Brittany Hockley for taking the matter to social media, she offered one final statement:

I have said multiple times how lucky and grateful I feel. I’m not sure how many more times I can say that. Also I’m in a bubble for three months. I’m not galavanting around travelling like people think I am. I’m not allowed out of the hotel except to travel, for three months. I wish the world could go back to normal! Of course I wish everyone could travel, including myself. But am I supposed to pretend my life is on hold? This has NOTHING to do with if I feel grateful or not. It was simply about the cost of a bag. There’s not much more I can do or say, if people want to attack me for that well then so be it, but this has been taken way out of hand. Back to my bubble I go.
Have a nice day. X

Who magazine added that Brittany Hockley will be headed to Mexico and America next along with her tennis star BF where she’ll be assisting with “tournament logistics.”

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