Britney Spears’ Net Worth Is Suspiciously Less Than Other Pop Stars And People Want Answers

Britney Spears net worth

Forbes has estimated Britney Spears‘ current net worth to be US $60 million, which is way, way less than her peers, and not that much bigger than before she was placed under a conservatorship back in 2008. It’s got people wondering why.

As other singers fortunes’ have skyrocketed since bursting onto the scene at the same time as Britney. According to Forbes her contemporaries are wroth much more: JLo‘s net worth is $150 million, Jessica Simpson‘s is $110 million, while Beyoncé – who, to be fair, is one of the biggest stars of the past two decades – is worth a massive $420 million.

Meanwhile, Britney’s own fortune has remained pretty steady, which is strange considering that since her conservatorship began, she dropped four huge albums and staged four world tours.

Oh, and that’s not to mention that she had one of the most successful Las Vegas residencies ever, which alone raked in over $350,000 per night for a total of over $137 million between 2013 and 2017.

Let’s do the math(s).

There have been comments floating around online which claim that Britney’s fortune in 2007 or 2008 was $54 million and $59 million, respectively.

While we can’t confirm these specific figures, it’s clear that Britney’s fortune is not growing in the same way other pop stars’ fortunes have been growing. In eight years out of the past two decades, Britney earned over $30 million annually.

How can someone who’s routinely been among the world’s highest-paid women over the last decade have a net worth not much bigger than what she makes in a year or two?

What we do know is that Britney did have to spend a lot of money for reasons which made sense, such as the endless legal fees she’s dealing with and child support.

On top of that, huge cuts of her earnings to go agents and managers, which is pretty normal in the music industry.

However, those aren’t the kind of expenses that would diminish a fortune to this extent. And it’s not like Britney is busying buying jets and palaces and all the stuff her peers have been flexing about.

People want answers.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that in recent years, Britney has stopped working a bit.

Last November, her lawyer Samuel D. Ingham III Ingham told the court that “she will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career.”

That explains why we haven’t had new music in quite a while.

But it still doesn’t explain where exactly all her money has gone.

If only she could regain control of her life, her finances, and her agency. Then we might finally learn the truth about Britney’s conservatorship.