A video of Britney Spears from her Piece of Me tour in Atlanta has surfaced, where Spears tells the audience that she is “sick” and has a fever of 102 degrees fahrenheit (38.9 c).

Britney Spears gave a harrowing testimony on Thursday about how she’s been governed by a 13 year conservatorship controlled by her father, Jamie Spears. During the testimony, Spears opened up about how she was forced to work against her will, like a “slave”. Even more shocking was the explosive allegation that she was given lithium when she refused to perform a dance move for her Las Vegas residency in 2018.

In that same year, Spears was also touring for the Piece of Me arena concert (adapted from her Las Vegas residency). Footage from that tour has now been leaked by fan Zachary Gordon who wrote that we owe the singer an apology on Twitter.

“I feel like we owe you an apology,” Gordon wrote.

“We bought into the whole hype of Britney the performer, without much consideration for how Britney Jean Spears, the person, was coping through each day.

“Looking back now, I remember you saying this in front of me.”

At a 2019 court hearing, Spears said that she was forced to perform while sick – which the above video now proves. She called it “one of the scariest moments in her life,” according to confidential court documents obtained by The Times.

The newly obtained court documents were leaked on Tuesday, and explained that Spears had been trying to get the conservatorship removed for years with no avail.

“I told the whole world I’m happy — it’s a lie,” Spears said at the court hearing today. “I’ve been in denial. I am traumatised. I’m not happy. I can’t sleep.”

She then went on to describe what she hoped to achieve through the removal of the conservatorship.

“I want to own my money, and for this to end, and my boyfriend to drive me in his fucking car,” she said.

Fucking free her already, please.

Image: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez