Earlier this month, Britney Spears’ lawyer revealed that now that the pop star was free from her conservatorship, she was on a path for vengeance. Her next stop on the revenge train? Her former pal and childhood co-star Christina Aguilera for her recent lackluster public response regarding the end of Spears’ conservatorship.

This week, Aguilera was on the red carpet for the Latin Grammys when a reporter asked her about the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer’s good news. Before Aguilera could comment, a publicist swooped in to shut down the question.

“No, we’re not doing that tonight,” they said as Aguilera briefly commented that she was “happy” for Britney and walked away.

Side note: Given the artist previously tweeted in support of Spears and explained the reason why she needed to be free from her conservatorship back in June, this felt odd. Due to the fact, Britney was still in her conservatorship at the time, there’s a chance she may not have seen that and is under the impression that Christina has never spoken out in support of her.

I also feel like if anything, this appears to be the fault of Xtina’s publicist rather than Xtina herself. In the video below, they completely cut the reporter off, not her.

Anyway, Britney shared a clip of that interview on her Instagram Story and dragged her Mickey Mouse Club alum for “refusing to speak” when she allegedly “knew the truth” about her suffering for 13 years.

“I love and adore everyone who supported me,” she said, “but refusing to speak when you know the truth is equivalent to a lie!!”

“13 years being in a corrupt abusive system yet why is [my conservatorship] such a hard topic for people to talk about???

“I’m the one who went through it!!! All the supporters who spoke up and supported me, thank you. Yes, I do matter!”

Meanwhile, Pop icon Lady Gaga addressed the horrific way Spears was treated and said she’ll “forever be an inspiration to women”.

“The way she was treated in this business was really wrong,” Gaga said at the House of Gucci premiere.

“The way that women are treated in the music industry is something that I wish would change. I think she will forever be an inspiration to women.”

Spears then shared that clip of Gaga and praised her for being vocally supportive.

“Thank you, Lady Gaga, for genuinely taking your time to say something so kind.

“You made me cry!! I love you!!”

Last Monday, a member of Britney’s legal team said she was “ready for vengeance“, aka entering her Kill Bill era. Two days later, she appeared to be hinting at a possible big exposé with celeb interview queen Oprah Winfrey – holy shit!

Britney Spears was officially free from her conservatorship last Saturday. As Spears’ lawyer Matthew Rosengart put it best mere minutes after the Californian court’s decision: “What’s next for Britney, and this is the first time this could be said for about a decade, is up to one person: Britney”.

Image: Getty Images