Lever-flickers, button-mashers and know-it-alls of Brisbane, raise your voices and rejoice: you’re getting your very own arcade bar. 

Brisbane’s First Arcade Bar Opens Saturday If That Sorta Thing’s Yr NBA Jam

Netherworld Arcade is opening at the end of this week, and looks to be modelled on the wildest dreams of every slightly drunk nostalgic nerd who just finished watching ‘Stranger Things‘ (i.e. every single one of us, don’t lie). 

In an extremely wise move, the proprietors of Netherworld have taken advantage of humanity’s natural tendency towards competitiveness after a pint or two and filled their refurbed bar with 15 pinball machines, 25 arcade games, a bunch of classic consoles and shitloads of board games from the 70s (fingers crossed they’ve got Chartbuster!) up to now.

No longer is Monopoly limited to destroying your family’s relationships after Christmas lunch – now you can cause irreparable rifts in your friend group too, because we all know that after two gin and tonics you can’t trust Melissa with anything, let alone the bank!!! 

Netherworld launches with a performance by local video game theme band (really) Boss Fight. Along with the Japanese/American (and vegan friendly) Hellmouth Diner, the bar will be stocking the full gamut of game-fuelling turps to make sure you remain as sore a loser as possible. Ready? FIGHT. 

Find Netherworld at 186 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.

Source and image: Netherworld