Brisbane is Officially Getting Maccas Home Delivery

Hey Brisbane, let it be known that the fast food gods have chosen to smile upon you this day: it has officially been confirmed that you’ll be getting Maccas home delivery very soon.

The Courier Mail report that the Albany Creek McDonalds (… not Aspley? This is an outrage!) will be the first to offer home delivery, satisfying the burger needs of north side residents from November 4.
If you’re worried you might miss out, then you can go ahead and chill your tits – a total of 20 stores around Brisbane will be adding home delivery in November and December, and that number will rise to 35 by early 2015.
There are a few terms and conditions to keep in mind. Deliveries will be available between 5 and 9pm, which aren’t exactly peak hours for urgent Maccas cravings, but additional hours will be determined “on an individual basis.”
Orders must come to at least $25 to qualify for home delivery, and there’s an additional fee of $4.95, which you’ll gladly pay, because you’re weak. 
The company’s new McDelivery website – which will feature an “almost complete” list of Maccas menu items – will handle the orders. You can expect that bad boy to go live in the next few days.
Maccas has previously trialed home delivery in Hervey Bay, Queensland. It is estimated that the home delivery service will create around 300 jobs in Brisbane, but the benefit to the very stoned and the very lazy will be incalculable.
Photo: Jonathan Wood via Getty Images