Here’s Briggs Casually Promoting His New Show ‘Disenchantment’ W/ Eric Andre

Absolute champ Briggs is currently chilling in Los Angeles, California taking pictures with Eric Andre at a red carpet event for Netflix’s Disenchantment – Matt Groening’s big new animated show which Briggs worked on.

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No big deal.

Posing, living, dominating:

Back in 2017, the ginormous The Simpsons fan announced he was on the writing team for the show via a picture on his Twitter with the “NBA of comedy”. Briggs told SBS it had all started when The Simpsons man Josh Weinstein became a fan of his music and chucked him a follow on Twitter.

Cool and casual:

That is one heck of an achievement.

As for the show, Disenchantment has ten episodes and chucks us into the medieval kingdom of Dreamland where one human princess, Bean (Abbi Jacobson) lives and is about to marry some random Prince of Bentwood she’s not so keen on. As you’ll see from the trailer, Bean skips out on the wedding, accidentally impales the Prince of Bentwood’s head on the iron-but-not-iron throne, and together with her personal demon friend Luci (Andre) and elf friend Elfo (Nat Faxon) sets off on some excellent adventures.

Futurama lads John DiMaggio and Billy West also lend their voice talents to the series.

Now, it’s got a bit of everything because as the trailer tells us, Bean just “wants to be in charge” of her own destiny, Elfo is dying to “see the outside world” and Luci “wants to get rid of all the diseases plaguing mankind and replace them with worst ones.”

Something for everyone.

With Disenchantment so close to its Netflix release, Briggs has been promoting the show across his social media. One post is just such a power move.

Disenchantment will hit the streaming giant, August 17. 

Treat yourself to the medieval trailer and some Rebel Rebel, below:

P.S There’s already a second season on the way.

P.P.S This is just quality viewing: