Brie Larson Tapped For Marvel’s 1st Female Solo Flick ‘Captain Marvel’

One of the more enjoyable parts of watching Marvel Studios devise film adaptations for their mammoth back-catalogue is watching how the deal with their name problem. 

Most of these heroes were crafted in a time when the Adjective + Noun construction wasn’t yet played out. Iron Man? Mister Fantastic? If you came up with them today, you’d be laughed out of the multi-million dollar boardroom. 
They even had a sly dig at that concept in Ant-Man, so even they know what’s up. Still, there’s one name on their roster that personifies the delightful hokiness of superheroes: Captain Marvel. 
And that’s a name you’ll just have to come to terms with, considering they just announced Brie Larson will be donning the gauntlets for Marvel Studios’ first female-lead solo flick.

A little while later, the Oscar-winner put out a personal announcement via Twitter, while donning a hat bearing that whiz-bang new logo:

As for Captain Marvel herself? Well, MS president Kevin Feige says Carol Danvers will “straddle two worlds. Her origins are very much Earthbound, but her adventures and power base come from the cosmic realm.”

Sounds as nuanced as a character literally named after its creators can be. Then again, she’s already shown unbelievable subtlety in her roles, and they’ve earned massive critical acclaim. 

Oh, she also smashed her role as a female superhero in the eternally underrated United States Of Tara. Sign us the hell up for this one.

Source: Entertainment Weekly. 
Photo: John Shearer / Getty.