Brie Larson Is The Long Lost Haim Sister In Legit Hilair Funny Or Die Sketch

It’s not too long now before Splendour in the Grass arrives once more to warm up our lonely, cold winter gig calendar and one band returning to Oz to lay down some hot choons for us is US indie rock outfit Haim, who this week dropped the epic revelation that there’s been a secret fourth Haim sister this whole gosh darn time.

OK so, no there isn’t, BUT that’s the premise of this legitimately hilair Funny or Die video featuring the real Haim sisters and ‘Room’ actress Brie Larson as estranged “fourth sister” Frime Haim.
Obviously the black sheep of the family, Frime invites Este, Danielle and Alana over to their Mum’s place to announce she’s finally ready to join the band and you guessed it, hilarity ensues.
Hit the LOLfest vid below for some A+ Beatles jokes, some brutally mangled pronounciations of the girl’s last name/band name and a cameo from the IRL Haim Mumma.

Stay tuned for some legit Haim coverage when Splendour arrives July 21, as PTV will be taking you to Byron for a full weekend’s coverage. YEEEEEW. 

Photo: Funny Or Die.