Friends, it’s been two weeks since I first binged Netflix’s glossy new drama Bridgerton, and I still can’t stop listening to the soundtrack. Why? Because it makes me feel like a fancy bitch!!! If you’ve been casually listening to a couple of its tunes on YouTube or whatnot, here’s your friendly reminder that the playlist, including both original songs and covers, are available on Spotify right now.

The Bridgerton soundtrack, composed by Kris Bowers, is made up of 19 delightful songs. It, of course, begins with ‘Flawless My Dear’, the song that plays as Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) makes her debut to Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) in episode 1.

It has the same sort of sound as my personal favourite tune, ‘We Could Form An Attachment’ from later on in the episode. It plays just as Daphne and Simon (Regé-Jean Page) agree to *pretend* to court.

You know the one.

Isn’t it just dreamy?

Listen to the full playlist below.

Then, there are the numerous string covers of pop songs, like ‘thank u, next’ by Ariana Grande and ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift. These covers are by various artists, but they’re mostly by the very talented Vitamin String Quartet.

I never really vibed the original ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes (sorry), but the strings cover? Inject it into my veins.

Have at it.

Speaking of the Vitamin String Quartet though, you should absolutely watch their videos on YouTube. It’s the type of content that inspires you (me) to dust off the piano you (I) haven’t touched in eons.

‘Sunflower’, by Post Malone and Swae Lee, is not in Bridgerton, it’s just a fabulous cover I’m mildly obsessed with now.

As for Bridgerton, you can find all eight episodes of season 1 on Netflix now. The streaming giant has yet to announce a second season, but considering how well Bridgerton is doing, a renewal is surely imminent. Not to mention, Bridgerton is based on the first of eight novels by Julia Quinn, so it’s not like the writers don’t have any material to work with.

You can suss out the other books in the Bridgerton series, right HERE. There are a couple of novellas and further works, too, if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

Image: Netflix / Bridgerton