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Four new cast members from season 2 of Netflix’s Bridgerton have been revealed, and spoilers: they’re all amazing (but I think at this point that’s a casting requirement TBH.)

Now that we’ve received the heartbreaking confirmation that everyone’s television crush Regé-Jean Page won’t be appearing in season 2 of Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton, like, at all, there’s a hunk-shaped hole in all of our hearts.

Apparently show creator Shonda Rhimes heard our cries for hot studs in period-drama fits, because she’s just released some info about the four new key cast members of season 2, posting pics of them all on the Shondaland Instagram page.

Let’s check out every single one of these new faces, and where you may recognise them from. I am so keen to see them all on my screen soon.

First up is Rupert Young, who will be playing Jack. No last name yet, just… Jack.

“The newest member of the ton with a connection to one of its most notable families,” reads the Insta post.

I dunno friends, it looks like this Jack character may have a last name that the creators of the show don’t want us to know just yet. I mean, what is this mysterious connection they refer to?

You might recognise Young from The Adventures of Merlin, where he played Sir Leon. Not a main character for sure, but even if he was, most of us were too busy being focused on the will-they won’t-they queer subtext of that entire show anyway.

Next up is Calam Lynch, who has taken the word handsome and given it an entirely new meaning.

We may have lost the king of kings in Regé-Jean Page, but this is a replacement that I will accept with open arms.

Lynch will be playing Theo Sharpe, a “hardworking printer’s assistant” who is also an “intellectual who fights for the rights for all.”

You may recognise Lynch from Derry Girls, or as one of the many male actors who ran into a storm of bullets in Dunkirk. 

That’s a pretty impressive resume to work with, and I’m keen to see how he becomes entangled in the Bridgerton drama.

And did I mention abs? Well, yeah. Abs.

Up next is Shelley Conn, who will be playing Lady Mary Sharma, which sounds like a pretty impressive role in the Bridgerton universe.

“Lady Mary’s marriage once embroiled her and her family in scandal,” reads the Insta caption.

“Now newly returned to London with her daughters, she’s forced to endure the scrutiny of the ton once again.”


Conn’s Insta is relatively empty, with only one post that exists to promote a BBC radio play, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see her shine.

You may however remember her as Princess Pondicherry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a pretty minor role but iconic nonetheless.

Next up is Charithra Chandran, who is simply stunning.

Chandran will be playing Miss Edwina Sharma, a “kind-hearted and endlessly endearing” young woman who is after a “true love match.”

Miss Edwina, aren’t we all?

You just might recognise Chandran as Sabina Pleasance from Alex Rider, but if you don’t, now is your chance to become acquainted with her!

According to the Bridgerton cast, season 2 is expected to kick off filming soon. No release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated.