For far too long the Aussie accent has been absolutely bloody butchered by people trying to get their mouths around the way we say things (instead of, y’know, hiring Australians) but now it seems we’ve found the one (1) man in showbiz who can pull it off convincingly. Not like weird watered-down Cockney accent either. It’s so good that ABC News got him on the blower to test his skills on the fly.

Colombian-American actor Brian Jordan Alvarez posted a video to his Twitter this week, simply asking “is this good?”

And mates, it’s so fucking good. I’m impressed and furious.


I’m furious it’s so fucking good.

Brian beamed into ABC News Breakfast this morning, who challenged him to pronounce the names of our capital cities – names which are notoriously difficult for non-Aussies to conquer.

You know the type – confident Americans who think they’re all over it before saying things like “Mel-boorn” and “Bris-bayne“. But not Brian, who nailed it and was smart to not get lured into the trap of pronouncing names wrong by simply calling it “Brissy”. Ahh, you smartass.

He also said he honed his accent in from watching too much Australia’s Next Top Model so maybe Alex Perry, Jen Hawkins and Megan Gale are to blame here.

If you’re a Will and Grace fan, you’ll probably recognise Brian – he played Estefan Gloria in the return of the show, laden with a thick Spanish accent and a love for Jack McFarland. He also played Wesley in Jane The Virgin, and Jayson in Get Shorty.

After the interview with ABC, Brian posted another video on Twitter with his thick faux-Aussie accent, claiming that he’s actually from Australia, despite very much being born and bred in New York City and then moving to Tennessee as a kid. He also accidentally pronounces “actor” with a Kiwi accent before correcting himself, bless.

And understandably, this impressive performance has gone viral, with his incredible linguistic gymnastics fooling everyone – including Aussies.

Look, Brian, I know that the US election has gone in a pretty decent way this time but we’re just gonna go ahead and adopt you as one of our own now.

Image: Twitter / @brianjoralvarez