Bret Easton Ellis Chats With Kanye West On The Debut Episode Of His Podcast

Having demonstrated an unassailable aptitude for the written word on all of page, screen and Twitter rant, man with opinions, a following, and a functioning megaphone, Bret Easton Ellis, has turned his attention to the only B.E.E deprived form of media out there – podcasts – grossly inflating audience expectations of his newly launched Bret Easton Ellis Podcast by enlisting the known centre of the pop culture universe, Kanye West, to discuss “movies, culture, fame and being 14 again.”

From discussions of binge-watching Breaking Bad with Kim K and the ethos of the DONDA collective to public self-awareness and movie talk they traverse an impressive amount of territory with wit, warmth and personality. It helps that they obviously like each other – Kanye’s DONDA collective remixed the trailer for The Canyons, written by Easton Ellis, and Easton Ellis wrote the sceenplay for the American Psycho spoof that West used as promotion for Yeezus – just not as much as they obviously like themselves.

Listen to the podcast here.