Brad Pitt set the internet ablaze with his admirable humbleness today after wearing a name tag at an Oscars party. Yep, a good ol’ name tag – an accessory usually reserved for a trusty intern looking to schmooze and make a memorable impact – just in case you had any doubt whatsoever that this man, right in front of you, was Brad Pitt. Just in case. Brad Pitt. Can confirm.

Here’s photo evidence of the very moment Brad became the universe’s most humble king.

You’ll Never Be As Useless As Brad Pitt’s Name Tag At This Oscars Luncheon
(Image: Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian)

Brad’s up for an Oscar in the ‘Actor in a Supporting Role’ category for his stellar role in Once upon a time… in Hollywood. That’s all well and good, but now it’s time to get back to the main event – the stunning laminated name tag.

You’ll Never Be As Useless As Brad Pitt’s Name Tag At This Oscars Luncheon
(Image: AAP / Danny Moloshok)

Twitter naturally had a field day, with everyone unanimously falling in love with the futility of a ‘Brad Pitt’ name tag. In fact, I hereby declare the ‘Brad Pitt’ name tag as a symbol of hope for anyone who feels useless as fuck, but goes ahead with whatever they feel useless as fuck at anyway. Inspiring stuff.

I mean, we all have those days where we feel as useless as Brad Pitt’s name tag, but, even in your darkest hour, remember that Brad himself chose to wear that name tag, despite all odds. Many would have doubted Mr. Name Tag but there he stood, shining brightly on Brad’s blazer breast, chatting to Cynthia Erivo. Use this as a beacon of hope. Let this propel you forward.

Brad Pitt’s name tag – how I love thee.

Image: Getty Images: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer; AAP / Danny Moloshok