Bow Wow Joins Uncle Snoop’s Trump Beef W/ Seriously Gross Melania Threat

Bow Wow (formerly ‘Lil’) has jumped into the fray of the world’s stupidest fight.

ICYMI over the weekend, Snoop Dogg starred in a video clip for Badbadnotgood‘s track ‘Lavender‘, a politically-charged clip which played on themes of racially-charged police violence through the lens of clown figures.

It references tragic killings of black men by police – including Alton Stirling and Philando Castile – and towards the end of the clip, Snoop shoots the ‘Clown-In-Chief Klump‘ with a slapstick ‘bang’ gun.

Like it, hate it, agree, disagree – it almost doesn’t matter at this point. It’s art, and art is there to be enjoyed, discussed and criticised.

The point is, the President of the United States is in possession of the world’s thinnest skin, and took time out of his busy day to watch the damn video and fire shots from his Twitter account.

It’s not enough for Trump to attempt to warble off some point about – idk, reverse racism, maybe? – but he needs to have a dig at Snoop’s career while doing it. Imagine, for one single second, being this pathetic.

And now Bow Wow has jumped in, @-ing Trump to “shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.” Christ. Bringing Melania Trump into this fight is not good, and threatening to – again, what, force her to engage in sex work against her will? – is downright fucked.

The only person with any moral high ground here is Snoop, who’s yet to respond. What a time to be alive.

Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty.