Bow Down To Amy Schumer’s Excellent Boy Band Parody, ‘Girl You Don’t Need Makeup’

It’s certainly no hidden fact that comedian Amy Schumer is absolutely slaying right now — her Comedy Central series ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ is  currently airing its third season, turning everything she flawlessly skewers into gold. Last week it was Julia Louis Dreyfus‘ ‘last fuckable day’ and a slam of rape culture in a ‘Friday Night Lights‘ parody; this week, one of Schumer’s targets were boy bands and double beauty standards, grilled by an unashamedly catchy “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup”

The song takes on the rhetoric praising women’s “natural beauty” while also highlighting the effortless-looking natural makeup lewk that tends to be the real requisite of women’s lives. 
So positive and immediate was the response to “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup’, that fans began posting selfies sans makeup en masse, with Amy Schumer tweeting her praise of the spontaneous movement:

via TIME.