Despite being extremely good at the game, Janine Allis‘s tenure on Australian Survivor came to a crushing end last night after nemesis “Dirty” Harry Hills calmly pointed out her alliance’s very obvious voting patterns and Luke Toki‘s face fell like a dropped pie when he finally realised it.

While overall Janine’s taken the massive blindside in her stride with cheer and good humour, apparently the people she left in charge of Boost Juice while she was off ruining Survivor lives in Fiji aren’t quite as humble. And they’ve hit out in possibly the pettiest and most savage way possible: A very selective drink promotion.

Today, the giant juice chain is offering cheap fruity concoctions to literally everyone in the country.

Everyone, that is, except Abbey, Baden, Luke, and Harry. The four people that voted her off.

Full price for you lot, I’m afraid. Pia gets the discount, but. Because loyalty gets you the cheap juice. Maybe not the $500,000 and the title of Sole Survivor. But the cheap juice at the very least.

We’re not entirely sure if they’ve extended the discount ban to blanket every person named Abbey, Baden, Harry, and Luke. But if you’re sporting one of those monikers you might just have to take this one for the team. Abbie’s might be able to get away with it but that’s a fraught gauntlet to run.

Either way, that’s a spectacular piece of corporate pettiness and we are extremely into it. You can’t come back from that. I mean, what’s Harry gonna do? Not give Janine a scoop of a fancy new ice cream he’s made or whatever?

You can’t beat big business, my dude. Not in this scenario.