Booka Says She Wrote MAFS-Inspired Music On The Show So Expect The Soundtrack To Hell In 2022

booka music mafs songwriting

It’s no secret that Married At First Sight bride Booka Nile has a creative side – her life outside of MAFS includes being in hardcore band, Make Them Suffer, and her own project, Internet Friends – but it turns out she was really inspired to write music while on the show.

In a new interview on Hit Breakfast QLD with Cliffo and Gabi, Booka talked about her experiences on the show and navigating toxic masculinity in the music industry, and how she’s actually penned some new music directly inspired by her MAFS experience.

When Gabi asked if we’re going to see any “MAFS-inspired music” coming out of Booka’s time in the experiment with instant-husband Brett Helling, Booka said it’s a pretty sure thing.

“I reckon you might actually,” she said.

“I actually wrote so much music when I was over living at Skye Suites and stuff, yeah. I mean I set up in the lounge room and wrote so much stuff.

“Some stuff is like a chorus here or there, and then I’ve got full-length tracks as well. So, yeah.”

MAFS-inspired music, now that’s gotta be a first.

I can’t even imagine what kind of lyrical content would be coming out of this, maybe some kind of obvious-but-not-explicit track about Bryce Ruthven being a total flog with a head like a half-sucked lollipop? Or maybe a little hook about Brett’s ~tickle whiskers~ that she’s nicknamed so perfectly?

Or maybe we’ll get blessed with a whole powerful anthem slamming all the rampant toxic masculinity flying around this season. I mean between Bryce blowing up at every fucking dinner party and James Weir simply existing, there’s plenty of content for Booka to mine for new music.

I wonder what band Booka is writing MAFS music for, too. Like, is this going to be some metalcore tracks that are gonna make me want to tear apart my loungeroom and hurl my computer out the window, or will I be bopping around to a super catchy indie-pop beat for the rest of the year? Honestly, I don’t know what I want more.

Either way, it’s gonna be red hot and I can’t wait.