Here’s How Booka And Brett’s Perfect Relationship Goes To Shit This Week On MAFS

Booka Nile and Brett Helling on Married At First Sight

In devastating news for fans of watching hot weirdos finding each other on Married At First Sight, there’s a rumour swirling that Booka Nile and Brett Helling don’t actually make it to the end of the show.

Yep, there seems to be a breakup a-brewin’, and Booka herself has spilled some tea about the moment things start to go pear-shaped to TV Week.

It’s Feedback Week, with couples writing letters to each other.

“When I read that letter, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me,” Booka said.

The letter, written by Patrick Dwyer, Brett’s closest mate in the experiment, apparently called her “self-absorbed and self-obsessed”, and Booka suspected that description may have come from her TV partner.

“All I could think was that Patrick has heard this from somebody who has painted this really ugly picture of me – and that his best friend is my husband,” she said.

Booka was shocked by the letter’s contents as Brett read it aloud.

“It came out of nowhere,” she said. “Like, ‘Wait a minute – if this is the relationship you’ve been living in, what relationship have I been in this whole time?’”

In the letter, Patrick apparently suggested the couple share a romantic evening together. So Booka organised something a bit cheeky – she decorated their apartment with photos of his face, turning it into a “Brett Palace”, including an inflatable fishing boat and his fave cooking hat. But Brett wasn’t exactly impressed…

“I wanted to prove I’m not always intensely serious,” she told TV Week. “That even when I’m really, really hurt, I can still crack jokes.

“His response went from laughing at it to, ‘Okay, this isn’t funny anymore,’” she said.

So Booka told Brett to “lighten up”.

“It was a below-the-belt thing to say, but I was angry and trying to express my hurt,” she said. “I feel that’s how I deal with difficult situations – I get a bit weird and creative with it.”

This week’s drama tracks with what we’ve heard before about the end of Booka and Brett’s Married At First Sight relationship.

In a recent ep of So Dramatic!, host Megan Pustetto said she’d heard from a couple of sources close to Brett that the moustachioed groom has been telling people he and Booka are donezo and that Booka is a “psycho”.

(Yucko. It’s 2021. We all know it’s not okay to call women ‘crazy’.)

“He’s really worried he’s going to get a bad edit and be made to look like a hippy,” one source told Megan.

Meanwhile someone from Booka’s camp told Megan that their TV marriage ended because Brett had made a number of sexist comments about Booka and women in general.

“He bragged about how he has a fetish for Japanese women, cracked jokes that women can’t drive. Classic fake-woke sexist shit,” the source told So Dramatic!.

“He also joked about being gay with Patrick and that they were going to run off together. Booka didn’t like how he spoke about gay people.”

Megan’s source added that they didn’t know how the relationship breakdown would play out on screen.

“I think they’ll make Booka out to be a drama queen. [Brett] was very calculated with how he played things and how he acted when the cameras were rolling. He would say one thing on camera and then another thing off.”

One example was him complaining constantly that she was “too deep and not fun enough”, which “really hurt her feelings.”

Contestants from the show verified with Megan that Booka and Brett don’t last on the show.

If that’s all true, it sounds like Booka dodged a bullet.

Adding fuel to the rumours is the latest track from Booka’s side project, Internet Friends. Released on the weekend, it certainly seems like a diss track about Brett, decrying softbois/fuckbois.

“You’re so basic my hymen has resealed,” Booka sings on the track. Iconic.

At least we know if this whole relationship goes up in flames, there will be an epic breakup record at the end of it. What a gift.