Bonkers British Tabloid Reckons Princess Di Legit Haunts Kate Middleton

A British tabloid has decided to put the ~exclusive~ nonsensical ramblings of twin psychics and a “body behaviour expert” on their cover today, under the outrageous (and misleading) headline – “The Spirit of Lady Di in Kate: Experts’ EERIE findings after studying Duchess“.

Fuck, you can’t make this shit up.

According to The Daily Star, the spooky twin psychics, Linda and Terry Jamison  – famous because they apparently predicted 9/11 on the radio, except they said the terror attack on the World Trade Center would happen in 2002, not 2001 – say they chat shit with Diana, and other celebs like Michael Jackson, all the time. One time Di even told them that she often visits Middleton, that her spirit is “within” her daughter-in-law.

They quote the beloved Princess Diana, a woman who died in 1997, who is not speaking from the grave because she is dead, as saying: “I can tell that Will and Kate and the babies sense my energy when I am around. I visit them in their dreams as well.

The twin psychics also claimed in an interview with the same publication last week that Di’s death in a car crash in Paris was not an accident, but a “very involved conspiracy“. The Star literally quote the psychics every time with “Diana said:”. It’s incredible.

The majority of the story with quite the misleading title is actually about a “body behaviour expert” (not a real job) closely watching footage of Middleton, Prince Harry and Prince William and pointing out that the men still appear quite upset about the loss of their mother when they were just children. Also: maybe Middleton is fulfilling that “maternal” role for them both? Think about it.

In case you were wondering, British people think this is 100% batshit-crazy.