BONJOUR! Potter Fans Spot A Sneaky Reference In Latest ‘Beast’ Trailer

Fans have spotted a ‘Harry Potter‘ reference in the latest ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ trailer, and you can bet yourlast Chocolate Frog Card that they are shook.

(You can take the girl out of Hogwarts, etc.)
D’you remember in the first ‘Harry Potter’ film, when Neville Longbottom gets a Remembrall in the post? Hermione Granger explains that it turns red when you’ve forgotten something, and straight away it turns crimson. Man, Neville was a train wreck until ‘Deathly Hallows‘, hey.
“The only problem is,” he explains, mournfully, clutching his red orb of shame, “I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten.”

Well, the latest trailer for Disney‘s live-action ‘Beast’ remake – the one where Emma Watson-as-Belle sings the iconic opening number – features this little interaction with Belle and a befuddled gentlemen called Monsieur Jean.

“Have you lost something?” she asks.

“I believe I have,” he replies. “Problem is, I can’t remember what.”

Coincidence? Almost definitely not. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Watson is identical in every way to Hermione except for the whole magic thing, thereby making her the ideal person to play Belle, the former queen feminist of the Disney princess circle. (She was succeeded by Mulan, Elsa, Moana, Merida…. you get the picture.)

Check it (around the 20 second mark):

The excitement is way too real.

Not long to go now! ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is out March 23.

Photo: Supplied.