Yooooo! One of our fave duos, the Bondi Hipsters, are finally going to get the global recognition that they deserve. 

Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier finally started shooting the second season of ‘Soul Mates’, so those excellent pals finding one another in all sorts of spaces and times are gonna be watched the globe over.

According to If, 

“Bondi Hipsters, Dom and Adrian explore alternative careers, including turning their hand to the barista business, opening the “Closed Cafe” – an establishment so unconventional, it’s only open when it’s closed. 

 Cavemen, Rocky and Sticks are now parts of a fledgling community grappling with early social evils like the invention of middle management and monogamy, while Kiwi Assassins, Roger and Thinge are now son and step-father on a mission to stop an evil Australian people smuggling ring from stealing New Zealand’s most precious natural resource: schoolboy rugby players.”

We’ll also be meeting Ancient Egyptian buds ‘Seti’, the disgruntled Eunuch son of Queen Hatshepsut and Seti’s favourite Israelite slave, ‘Amram’. 

While the season will air on ABC here, it will also be shown on US streaming service SeeSo, which is owned by NBC Universal

When Bondi Hipsters Dom & Adrian were asked about this exciting development, they gave an answer befitting of only the truest hipsters:

“Ultimately it makes no difference if you do or don’t watch series two of Soul Mates, because we’re currently on a rock called earth that is spinning in infinite space around a giant ball of energy called the sun. 

“But we have a TV show that’s going to air on ABCTV and on NBCU’s SeeSo in the States, so eat a medium to large bag of dicks.” 

Season 2 of ‘Soul Mates’ will be on ABC later this year, so get hyped. Or don’t. Play it cool and tell someone you heard about it first, probably. 

Source: if.com.au.