HBO Is Cooking Up A Satirical Series About The Bon Appétit Mess & Condé Nast Is Quaking

HBO is cooking up a new series based on the great, big Bon Appétit mess called Enjoy Your Meal. If you were thinking a Netflix-ish documentary about the ins and outs of systemic cultural and racial issues in the media industry, think again! Enjoy Your Meal will be a satirical series.

According to industry publication The Hollywood Reporter, Enjoy Your Meal examines the toxic culture of the food media industry.

The half-hour show “draws inspiration from the multiple media scandals of summer 2020 and today, focusing on a cohort of young assistants of colour who rise up to tear their cookie cutter corporate culture apart.”

Ryan Walker-Hartshornthe former assistant to former Bon Appétit chief Adam Rapoport, will act as a consultant on the series.

Last August, Walker-Hartshorn announced over social media that she had left Bon Appétit.

She shared that, through editorial projects and other contributions, she had introduced “previously nonexistent conversations about diversity and inclusion” at BA.

When Walker-Hartshorn attempted to secure a higher position that reflected the work she’d done, there didn’t seem to be “an appropriate role” for her at the magazine.

“So it’s time to move on,” she wrote.

Bon Appétit first started to go to shit (publicly) last June when Rapoport quit after a photo of him in brown face – from a Halloween party in 2013 – began circulating on Twitter.

It snowballed from there, leading to the resignation of multiple BA faces, including food whizz Sohla El-Waylly. She is absolutely thriving now, by the way. El-Waylly is now a resident chef on Food52, after hosting the Stump Sohla series as part of the Babish Culinary Universe. 

Not to mention, she was named in Time’s Next 100 list for 2021.

Anywho, Insecure writer Amy Aniobi will write the script and serve as executive producer.

“Blessed, humbled, honored and freaking excited to be on this journey with these incredible womxn!!! Time to eat,” Walker-Hartshorn wrote about the shows announcement.

The upside down smiley face does it for me. Power MOVE.

My only experience with satirical shows about office workplaces trying to tackle ~ diversity ~ is, well, The Office‘s Diversity Day episode.

In other words, I am extremely here for this show.

P.S I wonder if the whole Reply All podcast thing will make it into the series…