Emotional Equine ‘BoJack Horseman’ Has A S5 Release Date, And It’s Real Soon

Get ready to feel again. Goddamnit.

BoJack Horseman, the Netflix animated series which has zero right to be as emotionally affecting as it is, is coming back for its fifth season on September 14.

The announcement comes by way of the show’s Twitter account, ostensibly run by the depressed horse himself:

The post comes after a string of in-character posts from the equine bastard, too.

When we last left Hollywoo, BoJack had just come to a seismic revelation about his supposed daughter, Hollyhock, and had entered a new phase of professional relations with Princess Carolyn. 

While the ending of Season 4 promised at least some kind of hope for the show and its inhabitants, essentially every other episode, ever, proved that things can always get worse.

With that in mind, we recommend emotionally steeling yourself before the gang comes back to your screens.