The Final Episodes Of ‘BoJack Horseman’ Are Here & The Internet Is Collectively Weeping

bojack horseman finale

The final episodes of Netflix’s beloved BoJack Horsman are here and it’s a sad, sad day for fans of the animated comedy.

Season 6 part two hit Netflix today, giving fans their final taste of the beloved cartoon that they’ve been waiting for since the first half of the season was released back in October 2019.

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Premiering back in 2014, BoJack Horseman has won the hearts of Netflix users for six years, but like all good things, it has to come to an end.

The final six episodes have only been out for a few hours, but fans are already sharing their thoughts (and tears) on Twitter.

Many fans were betting they couldn’t make it through the final few episodes without being a blubbering mess on the floor and honestly, I don’t blame them.

So many damn emotions. How dare this horse make me feel real feelings.

It’s just an emotional time for everybody, especially America’s emo community.

Some were so scared of how emotional these last few episodes are going to be that they were no longer excited for it.

Honestly, with The Good Place and BoJack Horseman’s final episodes both hitting the platform today, in addition to the debut of Uncut Gems and Miss Americana, Netflix users are truly spoilt for choice today.

If you’re friends with a Bojack Horseman fan, you might want to check in on them this weekend, because it’s sure to be an emotional one.

I’d bet you didn’t think you’d grow so emotionally attached to a fucking horse when you started watching Bojack Horseman back in 2014. But here we are six years later and I feel like I should’ve stocked up on a bulk supply of tissues.