A Big Simpsons And Bob’s Burgers Crossover Is Happening For This Year’s Treehouse Of Horror Ep

simpsons bobs burgers crossover treehouse of horror xxxiii

A crossover episode for the ages is coming for Halloween which is definitely more of a treat than a trick. Bob’s Burgers wine mom Linda Belcher is set to somehow join The Simpsons for this year’s Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII. Alriiiiight, let’s get spooky!

The big animated family news was revealed on Twitter by John Roberts who voices the slightly unhinged Belcher matriarch.


We don’t know how exactly Linda will be rolled into season 34’s Halloween special but we do know the three mini storylines that will be told in the non-canonical episode.

The official synopsis revealed the annual spooky ep will be a “book-themed trilogy”, riffing on three well-known dystopian and horror stories.

The first segment is called “Lisanime” and is based on the manga and anime Death Note, where anyone written in a mysterious notebook meets an untimely fate. The second instalment is “Simpsonsworld” — a take on the dystopian science fiction series Westworld. And finally, the first part of this year’s Treehouse Of Horror episode is “The Pookadook”, which is a parody of the 2014 Aussie psychological thriller and noted gay icon, The Babadook.

Quietly hoping that Linda is the Babadook character? I feel like that would work for her.

Whichever form the Bob’s Burger fave comes into the Simpsons universe I’m hoping she brings the realistic Halloween bat decorations with her. You know, the ones that are smiling because it’s their favourite holiday.

This isn’t the first time the Belcher family has appeared in another show, either. They appeared in the season 4 premiere of Archer (a genius crossover considering H. Jon Benjamin voices Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer) and Bob also made cameo appearances in a few Simpsons episodes, including the Family Guy crossover in 2014.

Season 34’s Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII lands on October 30 on Disney+ if you wanna tune in and see how exactly Linda Belcher pops up in Springfield. Alriiiiiiiight!