Truly, this is a wonderful example of the collective power of the internet.

A bloke shared his tale of accidentally interrupting a scene being filmed with Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler several years ago, and Reddit figured out within about a nanosecond that it was questionable 2010 romantic comedy ‘The Bounty Hunter‘.

Reddit user m3ch3ngin33r (christ, imagine logging in with that) posted his tale in the Today I Fucked Up subreddit. He’d been planning to meet up with some friends in Donald Trump‘s now-defunct Atlantic City casino Taj Mahal, but arrived late.

“I had been there once before, but didn’t really remember the layout, except for a long escalator that led down to the casino from the lobby.

“I parked my car and walked quickly from the parking deck to the lobby. On my way to the lobby, there was a crowd of people gathered behind a security guard who was holding some caution tape across the hallway. He let a bunch of people in and, of course, I squeezed through as he was closing it off.

“That is where things went sideways. I saw a film camera in the lobby, and thought, “huh, they must be filming a commercial for the casino or something.. wonder if I’ll be in it?” But before I could finish that thought, everyone around me in the entire lobby froze in position. A second later, someone yells, ‘ACTION!’ 

“I start walking alongside a person who was next to me, and ask him quietly, ‘I’m not supposed to be here, am I?’ He immediately shook his head no.”

This is when our dear friend m3ch3ngin33r starts to plan his hasty escape.

“So, I see the escalator to the casino about 20 feet away.. and two ‘extras’ are about to get on it. I think to myself, ‘if I can just get on that, it would be my escape from ruining whatever they’re doing in the lobby.’ 

“I make a move, get on the escalator, and start taking a few steps down. SUCCESS! I didn’t screw anything up!
After a few more steps, I catch up to those two people who got on the escalator before me. And they’re blocking the full width, and NOT WALKING! I mean, come on!

“Only at this point, do I see the boom microphone, the camera panning down with them, and the crowd of 150 spectators at the bottom of the escalator. Then someone yells ‘CUT!’, and the two people in front of me turn around.

“Turns out those two jerks blocking the escalator were Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, and I completely blew up their scene. There was nothing I could do.. I just said, ‘Uh, I’m sorry.’ I figured there was no point in explaining my series of bad decisions. Butler laughed, and we completed the rest of the very long escalator ride in awkward silence.

Old mate m3ch3ngin33r had no idea what movie – or ad –  he’d just rudely interrupted, but Reddit took all of two seconds to figure out that a) it was ‘The Bounty Hunter’ and b) there was video evidence of that very scene.

And another:

For the record, OP denies being the man in the suit (played by uncredited extra Stephen Felt), but reckons he might have been placed there to avoid any further mishaps.

I personally haven’t seen the movie, but this story is undoubtably the best thing to come out of it.

Source: Reddit.

Photo: The Bounty Hunter.