Bling Empire is Netflix’s latest reality TV series about the ridiculously wealthy. It’s bloody wild, to say the least, so of course I’m into it. I just want to be friends with Anna Shay, that’s all.

If you haven’t gotten around to bingeing this baby yet, Bling Empire follows a very wealthy group of Asian and Asian Americans in Los Angeles. It’s pretty much glamour porn, complete with fabulous parties, drama, and money. 

Take Kane Lim for example. His family dabbles in oil, gas, and real estate. According to his mate and co-star, Kevin Kreider, Kane’s parents apparently own shopping centres in Singapore and Thailand.

As you do.

And then there’s Christine Chiu, who reminds me of a much, much, much richer version of about half the Asian aunties I know.

Kane described her as the “Queen of Beverly Hills”. She co-owns Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with her husband Dr. Gabriel Chiu.

She’s… a lot. She’s also obsessed with competing with Anna.

Christine aside, I have to talk about Anna Shay. She comes from old money, she’s the daughter of billionaire Edward Shay, the founder of weapons manufacturer Pacific Architects and Engineers.

Turns out there’s a fuck-tonne of money in the weapons industry. Who knew!!!!?

Not everyone’s super wealthy though! Kevin Kreider is a model, who was adopted from Korea and raised by a White family in America. He spends the season tagging along to events and learning more about Asian culture. It’s nice.

He’s also such a himbo, which is the representation we need.


(It honestly took me a moment to notice Bernie in the background.)

Since premiering on January 15, Bling Empire memes have flooded social media. Everyone has a favourite, and it is clearly Anna. She doesn’t beat around the bush, tell ya what.

You just have to love her.

Don’t ! Be ! Impressed ! By ! Things !

This sums up Christine.

This is true though.

I would like to follow these tweets with an assortment of other reactions to the show.


Even if you hate the show, you’ll probably still end up bingeing it. I say that because that’s exactly what my mum did.

I am only a few episodes in though, but so far, so trashy-good. However, I absolutely do not like the very toxic Andrew Gray. Less of him, please.

Bling Empire is streaming now on Netflix.

Image: Netflix / Bling Empire