Blaze on: Here’s to 420 Day

Tomorrow marks the haziest counterculture holiday there is! Initially recognised in 1971, 420 Day is a day of weed appreciation, and all that is required is getting batshit high.
If you made weed your close and personal bitch a long time ago, this reminder is most likely tardy/futile. Dedicated to the sport, you foresaw the date landing on the weekend. You said, ‘fuck yes’, and promptly cleared the calendar (no contact with others pls). If you’ve started a day early, you may currently be listening to Dre 2001 while wearing a Dr Dre t-shirt while gaming furiously from your cereal laden bed. You love being organised.

Reporting from the office, we took to the #420 hashtag on Instagram to observe the imminent celebrations. From fashion to art to baking, our top images show both creative diversity and utmost immersion in weed. (80% of these users have weed referencing insta handlers). After treating yourself to the gallery, peep hard through those slitty eyes and scroll to the bottom for some songs to get high(er) to.

@aveeryyy has a pashun for 420 fashun.
420 fan art by @miikemarquart
@ocean_grown is a part of something; and that something is Cannabis Community.
@smoke617 getting geared up to make CannaButter!
For any of you chix interested in this dress from @blackmilkclothingofficial — probably best not eat too many fourntwenty pies (ha) #bodycon
@djzuly understands the importance of high gaming.
Another fashion-weed hybrid from @dgrisalesquinchia. Bonus points for tarnishing Mickey’s clean rep.
@weedandmacaroni thinks he can only pick one. Not convinced? Us either.
More art from @smoke_stack420 —this time, a sculpture!
Now as promised, a few audiovisual accompaniments to the day. There’s plenty of good ones to choose from, so here’s just a small edit. Go nuts in the comments section with everything we missed.
Weezer- Hash Pipe

Proving that nerd rock can still be synonymous with gangsta behaviour.

Rick James- Mary Jane


 Classiq. Obvs best enjoyed if you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do.
Grizzly Bear- Ready, Able
Plenty soothing and lovely, sure, this inclusion is more about the claymotion than it is the tune. So yeah, the audio, but not without the visuals.
Afroman- Because i Got High

Now we weren’t going to include this because, y’know, HOW OBVIOUS. Ha jk as if we weren’t going to include this.
Peter Tosh- Legalise It

Another literal choice, but it would be rude to ignore this. Unofficial tribute day officially addressing the big issues! Legalise FTW.

Bjork- All is Full of Love
This one’s here just to fuck with you really. Director Chris Cunningham is a weird guy and macking robots is sure to be interesting/funny/terrifying to you in some way.
Cypress Hill- Hits From The Bong
Cypress Hill is like that funny friend you can take on any social outing. They take an existing good thing (weed, being social) and they make it even better! The whole discography of Cypress Hill essentially belongs in this space.
Happy 420 Day for tomorrow!