Blake Lively Is Virtually Unrecognisable Filming New Spy Thriller Flick

blake lively

Ah, Hollywood: the place where fortunes are spent to make hot actresses look significantly less attractive.

The latest celeb to go a make-under for a role is Blake Lively, who looks virtually unrecognisable on the set of her new flick, The Rhythm Section, an adaptation of Mark Burnell‘s book of the same name.

She plays the lead character of Stephanie Patrick, a woman seeking revenge after her family is killed in a plane crash. And apparently in this case, “woman seeking revenge” can loosely mean “thought about going blonde six months ago but didn’t keep it up, also measured most recent haircut with a mixing bowl”.

Here she is, spotted filming in Dublin, Ireland.

In other pics, Lively is seen sporting under-eye bags large enough to pack for a long weekend, probably created with the work of highly paid makeup artists but which us regular folk get for free after night of three hours sleep.

This isn’t meant to be insanely negative; tbh, we’re thrilled that we’ve got a revenge thriller with a female lead who also isn’t performing martial arts in stilettos or something.

But you gotta admit: we’ve come a long, long way from the days of Serena van der Woodsen and the Upper East Side.

serena van der woodsen

It’s the biggest transformation since Margot Robbie‘s new look as Queen Elizabeth I for Mary Queen of Scots, which itself was the biggest transformation since Robbie’s turn as Tonya Harding. That woman has spent many an hour in a makeup chair, it would seem.