There’s A New Trailer For Blake Lively’s Latest Flick & Ryan’s Being Ryan Again

Earlier this month, Blake Lively went on a spree and deleted all her pictures off Instagram and unfollowed just about everyone except random people named Emily Nelson. 

All that was left in her bio was “What happened to Emily?”… 

As Blake is one half of one of the most followed couples in Hollywood today, people paid attention and were pleasantly surprised to learn Blake was just promoting her new film.

Blake’s upcoming mystery thriller, A Simple Favor is due out in cinemas September 14 and is based on the novel of the same name. The story tells of a blogger, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) who is asked by her best friend, Emily, to pick up her son from school when she can’t make it in time. Afterwards, Emily suddenly disappears and Stephanie takes it upon herself to figure out what happened to her.

Doing her duty, Blake’s been taking to her social media to promote the film in mysterious ways such as the below:

Safe to say, someone dies.

After the first teaser trailer dropped, we all learnt “What happened to Emily?” was definitely the tagline for the film as it featured in the theatrical poster, trailer, and Blake’s posts.

Today, Blake took to her social media to share the second teaser trailer which again featured the tagline in it:

Then ol’ mate and cheeky bugger, Ryan replied:

“You once drove me to the hospital when you were given birth.” Insane, if true.

Then Blake evened up the score board with:

Once again, they secure their reign as Hollywood’s most beloved couple.

It’s been a y’huge couple of weeks for the duo with Deadpool currently making a shitload of people laugh in cinemas.

Blake posted some sweet pictures to her Instagram to celebrate the film’s success:

To which Ryan commented:

“If someone accidentally teaches our daughters to read someday, they might see this. Get it together.” 

Ah, true love.

A Simple Favor will land in cinemas September 14, expect more of “What happened to Emily?” until then.