Blac Chyna Claps Back At Rob K By Flashing Her Diamonds On Snapchat

After her jerk scumbag ex Robert Kardashian posted intimate pictures of her on Instagram, as well as vile accusations on Twitter, his ex Blac Chyna responded in perhaps the best possible way: by flashing her diamonds on Snapchat.
The videos have Chyna showing off a diamond watch, three diamond wings, and two diamond-encrusted Cartier bracelets, all to the tune of Drake‘s ‘Cameras’
Mischa Barton‘s lawyer in her revenge porn case, Lisa Bloom, spoke out earlier, saying that Chyna could consider suing the scumrag for emotional distress.
Turns out Chyna’s lawyer, Walter Mosley, will be looking into that. “I am exploring all legal remedies and protections available to my client at this time in attempts to best advise her on how she may want to proceed.” 
If charged under revenge porn laws in California, Kardashian could be sentenced to six months in jail for distributing non-consensual pornography. 
Robert Kardashian’s Instagram account was suspended for nudity, but three accounts have popped up since, which cannot at this time be verified. 
One of those accounts has republished all of the awful pictures and comments, while the other two feature the same Instagram Story of Rob’s big dumb mug. 

Source: The Sun / People
Photo: Gabriel Olsen / Getty.