Alex & Richie Tried To Keep It Cryptic But ‘Bachie’ Fans Read Between The Lines

After months of anticipation, the long-awaited nine-minute, unedited conversation between Alex Nation and Richie Strahan finally aired on Bachelor In Paradise and it was honest to god more heavy than even we anticipated.

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After mustering up some “dutch courage” (as she described it on the Kyle & Jackie O Show) via those fruity cocktails, Nation takes Strahan aside to have the fated talk.

“I’m a little bit surprised to see you,” Alex began.

Richie said that he “just can’t believe someone would do that to someone” regarding an unknown incident, which fired Alex right up:

“I feel like people would have a very big opinion of a woman, being left alone, to do something that involved both of us.”

Richie tells his ex-girlfriend, who he met back when he was The Bachelor, to come right out with whatever she’s holding back.

“Don’t beat around the bush Alex, say it,” Richie insists. “Because you’re not gonna like my response. Because we did talk about it. We talked about the whole thing and what you said to me blew my mind…. I’ve had to come to peace with this.”

“I did a lot, Alex. I did so much to try and keep our relationship going,” Richie said, before Alex interrupted with the following bombshell:

“I was left alone, to go through something massive that no woman should go through.”

“But you wanted to do it,” Richie responds. “You wanted to go down that pathway because remember, you said to me, that you wanted to focus on your AFL career. That was part of it.”

“Alex you’re a mother. I know that, clearly. I spoke to you at length about that because you’ve gone down that pathway. You know what is involved with that. We spoke at length about it and I supported you and your decisions.”

Alex goes on to reveal that she had given him 48 hours notice to be there for her but he did not show up.

Richie claimed she had changed the date numerous times, and in the end he was working on a mine site and couldn’t make it to her.

“But that doesn’t matter. If you’re a man and you’re in that situation, you move mountains to be there for your partner,” Alex said.

The heated exchange ended with the pair reconciling and agreeing to press on as mates.

“Like I said I’ve come to peace with it Alex, and I’m fine with it. I’m happy that you’re in a good spot, that you think you’ve grown as a person. I didn’t want to get into any salacious details, and I’ve stayed quite composed,” Richie told Alex.

“I think we’re doing a good job. It is bizarre… but I want you to be comfortable. I’ve put it to rest, I’ve moved on and I think you’re a good person and that you deserve to be here and find someone potentially. I just didn’t want it to be uncomfortable,” Alex added.

While the pair didn’t outright say what the incident was, fans on Twitter were able to read between the lines: