Here’s All The New TV Shows On Binge This Month Inc. The Gossip Girl Reboot You’re Fanging For

binge gossip girl reboot
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To satiate our craving for content, Binge has gifted us with a bunch of new tv shows hitting the streaming service this month, and there are some absolute heaters in the mix.

Even though a good chunk of us are in lockdown right now, I would argue that this winter weather is the perfect opp to tuck in with a new show – whether you’re staying at home due to the government’s orders or not.

In case you’re unaware, there’s a tonne of great stuff on the Binge streaming service already – including Mare Of Easttown (seriously, it’s the best show of the year), The Sopranos, Euphoria, I May Destroy You and more.

If you’ve watched all of them and need something more, here’s a roundup of all the new Binge TV shows hitting the platform over July.

Gossip Girl – July 8th

binge gossip girl reboot

Hooooo, boy – this baby is hotly anticipated, to say the least. When the trailer for the Gossip Girl reboot finally dropped in early June this year, rumours immediately set the internet on fire. Shortly after, early reviews of the show described it as being filled with plenty of ‘soft porn’, which truly carries on the horny torch the OG series lit.

Episodes will drop weekly on Binge from July 8th, so expect plenty of drama, heartbreak, glamour and, of course, fashion moments that’ll likely define a generation.

Time – July 11th

binge time

If you’re a keen fan of British drama, you’ll probably love this new mystery-addled mini-series. It revolves around a new prison inmate and a hard-working officer, who are both on the precipice of a huge emotional breakdown. 

Look, I’m not going to lie – it sounds dreary as, but if you like that kind of thing and want to be reminded that an Aussie winter is nothing in comparison to what the Brits cop, watch away. You’ll be able to catch new episodes weekly on Binge from July 11th.

The White Lotus – July 12th

The White Lotus is a new HBO satire / dark comedy that follows the holidays of various hotel guests over a week, in which their strange and dark secrets are revealed.

New episodes will be hitting Binge weekly, and it’s got a bunch of familiar faces in it, including Jennifer Coolidge, Sydney Sweeny and Molly Shannon, so expect plenty of suss laughs and awkward moments.

Catch And Kill: The Podcast Tapes – July 13th

Catch And Kill expands the hit podcast and bestselling book by Ronan Farrow, delving deep into the various Harvey Weinstein sexual assault cases.

The doco series will showcase never-before-seen interviews with people who were closely tied to the case, as well as uncover new info around the story that completely changed the way Hollywood operates.

American Horror Stories – July 16th

I know you still sleep in your ‘Normal People Scare Me’ t-shirt from 2012. It’s okay, I’m still reminiscing about the glory days of Tumblr too.

Anyway, the goth dream never has to end because Ryan Murphy is back with a spin-off of the original American Horror Story series. The anthology series will kick off with a double episode feature, and each episode will cover a completely different story of mystery and lore every week.

My word, that’s a lot of good stuff as far as the Binge TV shows available goes. If none of that hits, you can catch new episodes of Betty, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Generation, Young Rock, Dave and more on the Binge streaming service now. If you haven’t yet sussed them out, you can also catch the Friends reunion, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion and The Flight Attendant on Binge too.

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