Guys, Thank God You’re Here. Rly glad you clicked on this because this is RLY important because OHMIGOOD’NPLENTY apparently Bindi Irwin has a boyfriend but like not really, he (his name is Bazz) just seems to think they’re going out and a woman’s magazine covered the story being all ‘yeah, they’re going out’ but Bindi’s ‘people’ were all ‘yeahnah, don’t think they’re going out” and now he’s deleted his insti, presumably out of crushing embarrassment and/or heart break and/or is just not ready for the fame game.

This has been a big week in ‘When The Fuck Did They Grow Up?!’ news and since Bindi is now all of fifteen-years old, speculation over who the unofficial ‘Princess of Australia’ is holding hands with is bound to continue. Bazz, who is being described as ‘a talented skateboarder and hockey player’, has been writing all up on Bindi’s instagram and pissing on that social media fire hydrant to let everyone know they’re a thing.

His account has since been deleted but, according to reputable (-__-) sources, on September the 28th he wrote on one of Bindi’s pics: “Mine. Back off boys. Getting pretty jelly” (the story included clarification that ‘jelly’ did, in fact, meant ‘jealous’). Then two days later he wrote: “Also back off boys she’s #mine” then one of her followers asking him if he was dating Bindi in the comments and he said: “You betcha buddy. Dating it up date style”. Date Em’ Up Date Style (Oops!).

Meanwhile, Bindi has called him one of her “best friends” a couple of times and that seems about it. After the magazine ‘broke’ the ‘story’ the Irwin Family’s Personal Assistant came out saying they didn’t know of any boyfriend of Bindi’s (she’s away on a Wildlife Mission and cannot currently be reached for comment on her adolescent mbbi bbi) and that she has “lots of friends.”

“Three of my best friends…one just happens to be a tiger ??”. Can confirm: she has admitted to having same level of friendship with Bazz as she has with this adorable Tiger.

So yeah, everyone is losing their minds and shipping Bazz and Bindi even though puuuretty sure it is not even a thing, even if Bazz is convinced it is. DO NOT EVEN ACT LIKE YOU ARE NOT INTO THIS. Lol, bye!