Bindi Irwin Shared A Pic Of Her Wedding Dress And Shockingly, It Isn’t Khaki

Bindi Irwin Wedding

Bindi Irwin and her boyf Chandler Powell only got engaged in July — on her 21st birthday, no less — but the excited bride-to-be has already nailed the wedding dress buying. I do love a girl who is organised.

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The only reason I know that Bindi has picked her dress is not because I am her close personal friend and bridesmaid (even though I’d really like to be, so Binds if you get stuck HMU), but because she shared a pic of the dress to Instagram. To her 2.7 million followers. BINDI. We all want to be surprised. Your fiancé wants to be surprised. Do not do this!

Luckily, she only snapped a pic of the dress’s sleeve, so we know it’s long-sleeved, ivory and made of lace. To be honest, I’m surprised it isn’t a lovely shade of khaki considering that’s what we usually see her getting around in.

So fine, it’s not the biggest spoiler, but still too much of a spoiler for my liking. See, I love nothing more than lurking social media on other people’s wedding days and seeing the dress, the hair, the flowers be revealed in real time. So I’m hoping Bindi avoids posting anything else to her ‘gram.

After her engagement was announced, Bindi revealed through a heartfelt open letter to her late father Steve Irwin that her younger brother, Robert Irwin, would be walking her down the aisle on her big day since Steve isn’t here to do the honours.

I’m sorry, I just need to find a bulk box of man-size tissues.

Bindi Irwin

Am I more invested in Bindi Irwin’s wedding than a) any of my actual friend’s upcoming weddings and b) my own personal life? Yes, yes I am. And I’m not sorry about it.