Haters Drag Bindi Irwin For Being “Too Nice” & That’s It I’m Logging Off Forever

Here in Australia we have national treasures that we’re fiercely proud of, even though other people might not understand why.  Vegemite. Tasmanian devils. Silverchair‘s third album, Neon Ballroom. And the Irwins. In my mind, you just don’t touch these things. You support them, you’re proud of them, and they’re part of our national identity. What you certainly don’t do is take to Twitter to heap shit on Bindi Irwin.

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But, I’m sad to report, that’s what people have done. The 20-year-old daughter of late, great Aussie legend Steve Irwin appeared on Channel Ten’s Dancing With the Stars last night as a guest judge (which makes sense when you recall that she won the US version back in 2015) and the people were not kind.

See, Bindi did the unthinkable and dared to get on telly and be nice to the competitors. I mean, how bloody dare she be kind and supportive? What kind of behaviour is this?



People are out here claiming that she’s fake but honestly Bindi is always like this, so if it’s fake she must be one hell of an actor.

That same person even took offence to the shiny-ness of Bindi’s hair. CAN SHE DO ANYTHING RIGHT.


All jokes aside, it’s a sad state of affairs when we’re slamming someone for being a nice person. There’s plenty of dickheads out there, folks, let’s appreciate the people who try to spread positivity.

Thankfully, some people appreciate the human sunbeam that is Bindi Irwin.




Also, I’m sure this one was meant to be an insult but I reckon it’s probably true. If anyone follows Bindi and her bf Chandler Powell on social media, you’ll known what I mean. Those two are IN LOVE.

Bottom line is, Bindi, you just keep being the sweet kind wildlife warrior that you are and definitely don’t search Bindi Irwin on Twitter today. (But even if she did, you know she’d forgive everyone because that’s who she is.)

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