Bindi Irwin Has To Prove Dad Steve Irwin Is Dead If She Wants To Get Paid

Those sleuthing fellows over at TMZ, whose court document-rustling skills are second to none, have clued on to the fact that Bindi Irwin is being forced to provide documental proof that her dad, deceased national treasure Steve Irwin, is dead, or else she won’t pocket her Dancing With The Stars money.

Because Bindi is not yet of legal age at 17, lawyers for the US show submitted a minor’s contract to the court, which requires her parents to give up all rights to any earnings she’ll make. (A shell-load, as it turns out.)

Her mum Terri signed, but for REASONS THAT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS, Steve did not.

Without proof, the judge said, “the court is unable to find that it is in the best interest of the minor to be bound by the terms of the contract.” Lawyers are already working on it.

Look, all things considered, ‘mass-media coverage circa 2006’ just might not fly, and it seems reasonable that the legal paperwork is on file when we’re talking courts and contracts.

And speaking of contracts – TMZ also published the details of Bindi’s, which shows just how much moolah she’ll bring in with her one-two step.

She’s guaranteed $125k for the show, and then her contract states that if:
She makes it to Weeks 3 and 4, she gets an additional $10k per week.
Week 5: an additional $15k.
Weeks 6 and 7: an additional $20k.
Weeks 8 and 9: an additional $30k. 
Weeks 10 and 11: an additional $50k. 

So far, Bindi’s looking set to pocket the tidy little sum of $230k.

You know, if she can provide the death certificate.


I love you. Thank you for always being with me, wherever I go.

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via TMZ.