Bill Murray Invokes John Wayne In New Roman Coppola Film

There is now pictorial evidence of Bill Murray, our favourite part-time bartender, in pedigreed filmmaker Roman Coppola’s latest offering, A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III.
The film, which also sees Charlie Sheen return to the silver screen, is yet to be scheduled for Australian release at this stage. Luckily, the first set of stills have been released for you to pour over until further details are available.
A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III follows a high rolling, graphic designing ladies man (played by Sheen, of course), who decides that upon being dumped by his girlfriend, he should look back at his previous loves to work out where things went sour. The plot looks to be a bit of a hybrid between HBO series Bored To Death and novel-turned-movie High Fidelity, which, if is proven to be the case, should be pretty enjoyable.
The tie-ins to Bored To Death continue with star Jason Schwartzman also cast in the movie as a character named Kirby Star (check the shirt in the third image below). Although we aren’t entirely sure where the cowboy vibes fits into the film as a whole, we do know that with so many great people involved this one looks to be a goodie.
Images via IMDB and Yahoo! Movies 
Words By Nikki Brogan