In news that I absolutely was not emotionally prepared for but coincidently might be the most wholesome content to come out of 2022, two of our favourite Hollywood babes Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick are dating.

According to a source interviewed by, the co-stars of the 2019 Disney+ Christmas movie Noelle are super happy together.

“Anna has been dating Bill quietly for over a year,” the source told the publication.

“They met years ago. She’s hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ and they’ve done a movie together, but they got together well after the movie.”

So not only are they dating, but they’ve been dating for over a bloody YEAR!

The source then went on to elaborate about why the couple chose to keep things in out of the media spotlight during the early stages of their relationship.

“They are both very private people, and with the pandemic it was easy to keep it quiet,” the source confirmed.

“They’re both hysterical, so they must keep each other laughing all of the time. She’s really, really happy.”

Pardon me, I think that might just be the cutest thing I’ve heard all week. Why can’t I find a Hollywood actor to make me laugh all the time – they make it sound so easy!

Prior to dating Kendrick, Hader was most recently seeing Rachel Bilson, the star of the drama series The Hart of Dixie. However, the pair called time on their relationship in July of 2020.

Kendrick on the other hand had been in a long term relationship with Ben Richardson, a British cinematographer since 2014 which the Pitch Perfect star also chose to keep under wraps. The pair were last photographed with one another in 2019 but no official breakup date is known according to ET.

We wish Anna and Bill the best with their wholesome af relationship going forward. We can only hope that one day we get to hear them riffing together in a duo interview.

If we have to petition for a Noelle sequel in order to make that happen, then I’m prepared to start that campaign.