Bikini Babe Tash Oakley Hits Back Over Photoshopping: “Everyone Does It”

Bloody hell. Here we are, another day in 2016, scrutinising another woman’s body.

Instagram model Tash Oakely, who boasts an astronomical 1.8 million followers and makes a living by posting a bikini shot a day, was accused of photoshopping her bangin’ bod earlier this year after paps snapped pics of her with – shock! horror! – cellulite. 

At the time, she slammed the article on Instagram, and attributed her rig to the usual good stuff. “I for one love my body, I work hard, I live a healthy lifestyle and proud of what I see in these photos,” she wrote.

Now six months later – and ahead of her appearance at Bondi Beach with Seafolly tomorrow – she’s finally addressed those photoshop rumours.

While she hasn’t exactly admitted it per se, she did say that she believes everyone is doing it.

“I think that everyone is doing that (retouching) because of what they see in the media. I think with the general population are just trying to follow exactly what they see with pictures being edited,”
she told the Daily Telegraph.

She also spoke about the pressure she feels to look good, which okay, we all feel from time to 100% of the time, but imagine getting that magnified by a follow count of almost two mill?

“I feel it — I’m a human and a natural curvy woman! But for me, it’s really more about feeling good in myself, and healthy and fit.

“I don’t really think about it in terms of my career, it’s really important for people to just understand that being healthy and active is important to you just as yourself. I don’t do it for other people.”

TBQH, she’s getting those sweet brand dollars, so y’know – live your life.

Photo: Instagram / Tash Oakley.