You Can Now Matchy-Match With Your Pooch On W-A-L-K-I-E-S With These Pet Jackets From Big W

We’ve officially hit Gemini season which also means that we’re careening into the icy grips of winter super quickly, and that means we’re pulling out all the big jackets and jumpers out of the back of the cupboard once again. It’s also the time of year when your favourite furry friends are feeling the chill as well, so it’s time to update their wardrobe as well as yours. It’s only fair, and if they’re that kinda pet, they’ve probably torn last year’s jackets to bits anyway.

To help keep your little (or maybe big) mate looking smart and fresh on daily walkies, Big W has unleashed a bunch of affordable and chic jackets and jumpers that you could even match to your own winter warmers.

And I don’t mean to alarm you but there’s definitely some argyle print happening here, so maybe we’re about to see a revival of the golf punk trend that I 1000% thought we left back in 2004.

Babieeees! Look how snug and warm they are. I wish to give them a scritch behind the ears immediately.

Check out all these new threads, I’m so obsessed with this red and black plaid jacket, it’s pretty much everything I want in a jacket and I fully wish I had an animal so I could match their jacket with my jacket.

big w pet winter coats
This is the most Melbourne-dog-at-local-footy coat I’ve ever seen.

Or if you want your pal to get right in on the puffer jacket life with you, there’s this very chic inner-city-living number.

big w pet winter jackets
This dog just ordered a double-shot extra-hot oat milk latte before me at the café.

I also love how these $9 argyle jumpers (may I repeat, argyle) are just listed as ‘pet jackets’ like they’ve got some wild hopes that any cat will even allow their humans to dress them up in it. Good luck getting any kind of clothing on your cat without ending up on their grudge list.

big w pet winter jackets
Seriously, good luck.

There’s also a range of cute new beds and tents (!!!) to keep them comfy and cosy after your big adventures together, or if you’ve suddenly learned just how much they’re napping on your bed during the day now you’re home a heap more.

So maybe go ahead a siphon some of your saved-up pub money you were gonna spend on treats for yourself and get your best pet pal all rugged up in new jackets for the chilly season, too. Dog knows they deserve it for putting up with you being at home all the time now.