Big Brother Spinoff ‘Little Sister’ Premieres Tonight

If you have been obsessively following the progress of the 2012 Big Brother housemates, you’d be familiar with ‘Little Sister’, keeper of the official behind-the-scenes BB blog. Tonight the show is premiering its first spinoff of the series (having thus far steered clear of previous season’s supplement shows like the adults only penis showcase ‘Up Late’), and it will focus on the Little Sister concept as a bridge between the housemates and viewers.

This from the Little Sister blog:

“Big Brother has given me the exclusive opportunity to ask the Housemates the burning questions that you want answered to help you pick the winner of Big Brother 2012!

From real world issues to House-bound politics, hot goss to conspiracy theories – anything’s game! What do you want to know? Big Brother has handed over the reins and while I’m in control I want to help colour-in these characters, connect their dots and give you the 411 on your favourite HMs. Nothing’s too big or too small, too broad or too detailed – step up, ask a question and await your answer!

The Diary Room’s about to become a Hot Seat and you can help me stoke the coals by submitting your question via my e-mail address

Little Sister will make her television debut tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm following the main program. My first question is actually one for Big Brother: Can I have that kelpie once the show’s over?”