There’s A Phat Ath Theory That Big Brother Eliminations Are Actually Rigged, So Is It True?

Big Brother

There’s a phat theory going around that Big Brother is rigged, and that producers pick and choose who stays and who goes based on which contestants bring in the most ratings. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true, but let’s have a deeper look shall we?

Big Brother AU is a serial network jumper, going from Channel 10, to Channel 9 and finally 7. Each network brought their own flavour to the show, but unlike the earlier seasons, this season feels a bit more like Survivor – where it’s more about strategy than it is popularity. The problem with this format is that it’s very easy to manipulate the nominations and eliminations.

Last elimination, Charlotte McCristal got the axe and that stirred up a bit of commotion from fans who have now accused the show of being rigged. According to podcast So Dramatic! one fan continuously commented on Big Brother‘s social media pages with allegations of foul play, however these posts were promptly taken down.

This person accused the show of purposefully cutting extended footage of Danny Hayes voting for either Christina Podolyan or Charlotte. For a bit of background, Danny was the swinging voter in that elimination and while he had promised to voted for Christina, he ended up flipping and voting Charlotte. BUT the footage of him voting was never added to 7plus in the extended cut, when everyone else’s was.

Seems sus right?

Well the footage has now been added to 7plus, which you can watch here. So was it a mistake that the footage wasn’t added, or what is intentional? Ahh I can’t keep up.

It’s not the first time either that the show has been accused of foul play. Fan fave Tilly Whitfield has also been vocal about the integrity of the show, with Big Brother constantly changing the rules of the game at the last minute.

Can we just go back to the days of text voting where I’d burn through my $30 of phone credit for the month on trying to save Merlin???