‘BIG BROTHER’ RECAP: Angela’s The Captain Now And She’s Got All The Bloody Tea She Wants

So Angela’s officially in charge of the Big Brother bunker and she’s BB 2IC, or as he describes her, “Little Sister.” When the time is right, she’ll be returning to the game, so it sounds like she’s just here to fuck shit up for a while then she’ll be back as a fully fledged Housemate.

Now she’s double fisting the tea bags, watching her former mates and plotting her revenge. Because as they say, revenge is a dish best served with a cup of tea.

The Housemates, including Garth, Dan and Zoe, begin mouthing off about Ang, with Garth saying that “he didn’t really like her” and calling her “entitled.”

It’s literally the equivalent of when your friend bitches about you but ~accidentally~ sends you the convo.

yeah, keep running your mouth, kent

Angela selects her arch nemesis Daniel to go to the Diary Room where he finds a football (his achilles heel). He’s asked to kick it over the fence and he fails. Yep, the AFL player FAILS to fucken’ kick a ball over a fence. Nice one.

Next up, Kieran is asked to eat a bowl of broccoli, and he succeeds (and the sound is fucking horrendous). Then, Matt cops a spray tan (and we all cop a glimpse of his almost-nude body and who knew Big Brother Uncut was making a comeback?).

While he’s getting sprayed, Ang asks him to “spread his butt cheeks” and holy shit, this chick is more sadistic than Big Brother.

But his torment doesn’t end there, she makes him get several ’rounds of spray tan done on him until he pretty much looks like this:

Zoe and Sarah win the comp, so naturally Kieran is up for eviction, along with Marissa (‘cos both gals have had beef with her) and Ian (‘cos absolutely no one will vote him out).

Super quick side bar: I might be being overly sensitive here, but although Kieran’s a sneaky dude, I don’t care for the fat-shamey jokes in this ep, i.e. Big Brother forcing him to eat broccoli and Dan calling him a puffer fish. Just sayin’.

But I digress…

In this episode, Xavier has ~finally~ received some much-needed screentime for the sole reason that he’s been identified as a target by both Sarah and Ang. In fact, Sarah wanted to put him up for eviction but Zoe brushed it off and I’m telling ya, he’s totally gonna win this thing and they’ll all be regretting not spotting his stealthy prowess earlier.

Big Brother gives Ang the option to bring one of her former comrades into the bunker with her for 10 mins and she selects her bestie Garth. Yep, she selects Garth. The bloke who literally just said he never liked her.

Dunno if that was the right choice, but you do you, boo.


Ang, the ultimate game player, is intent on getting dear sweet Ian out, rather than Kieran, ‘cos he’s a quiet frontrunner, while Kieran has no bloody hope of winning.

She makes Garth head back in to spread the word (not unlike how she made Matt spread his cheeks) and manages to convince everyone to vote Ian out.

And so Ang’s plan has come to fruition and the hatted bloke is given the boot.

hats off to ya, sweet man

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