Report To The Diary Room Immediately Bc We’ve Got Deets On The New ‘Big Brother’ House

This time next week, your group chats will be blowing up with convos about the premiere ep of the revamped Big Brother as it all kicks off next Monday night.

Yesterday, we gave you the lowdown about each contestant, including where to follow them on Instagram, so now we thought it’d be wise to share some tea about the house they’ll be living in.

The Big Brother house, now based in New South Wales, took 50 days to build through some of the harshest conditions, including the devastating Australian summer bushfires and torrential rainstorms and flooding.

The big boi keeps an eye on the Housemates via the 65 cameras situated around the house, including GoPros and purpose-built set cameras, so basically no conversation is safe. Can you imagine the TEA we’re gonna be sipping?

Host Sonia Kruger spilled some more deets about the house, describing it as “ultra-modern with every luxury available to the Housemates… except for food… and hot water… and anything else Big Brother feels like depriving them of.”


You’ll also be happy to know that the man upstairs has gone green, featuring sustainable plantation timber and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, repurposed from other sets.

There are also water saving measures, such as shower time limits and toilets flushed with rainwater. There are two living green walls outside and inside the house, with herbs for use in the kitchen, and recycling will be heavily enforced.

Big Brother premieres Monday June 8 at 7.30pm, and continues Tues & Wed 7.30pm.